My name is Parker Wiley and I am a recent graduate of Augusta Christian. I am also a member of Warren Baptist Church where I enjoy serving through missions and youth ministry.
My best friend, Drew Passmore, loved to do both of these things as well. We first met each other in kindergarten and quickly became friends. His incredible energy would be a little too much for our teachers to handle at times. We were reunited when his family came to Warren in 3rd grade, and our friendship swiftly returned to what it was before.
In 2014, I made the decision to move from homeschooling to Augusta Christian, and Drew had a large role in encouraging me to do so. We played baseball and football together, and would always hang out at church and serve the Lord. We also liked to play disc golf and lead the student section at basketball games at AC.
On March 18, 2017, Drew was involved in an automobile accident that left him in the hospital fighting for his life. Drew had such a major impact on the local community, students and staff at Augusta Christian, Warren Baptist Church, Social Inc, many other regional and local schools and many other groups came together to show their support for the Passmore family and their close friends.
On March 23, 2017 Drew passed away, but his faith did not die. He lived his life to honor the name of Jesus, and, even when he could not speak, his life spoke of the wonders that God had done.  Drew loved athletics, going to camps and participating in missions for church, and it’s through this that he made lifelong friendships.
The Drew Passmore Battlewon Foundation, Inc has been established to support area high school students with resources needed for education, athletics and service opportunities through their local school, youth camps or mission trips.  But, we can’t do this without your support! We’re asking for you to consider how you can help us, either through a monetary donation, assistance in the fundraisers, or by simply praying.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Parker Wiley
Drew’s best friend

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